Character information
Full name: Lola
Affiliation: Gianni Chellini
Status: Deceased
Behind the scenes
Role: Secondary villain
Portrayed By: Kate Nauta
Film: Transporter 2

Lola is the secondary antagonist of 2005 film Transporter 2 who tries to seduce the hero only to be later killed. She is the leader of gang which specialized kidnapped people include son of Jefferson Billings.

Events in Transporter 2 Edit

Lola is well known as psychopath leader of the gang who obsessed with Frank Martin and worked with Gianni Chellini and Dimitri, she met Frank when she posed as nurse to kidnapped Jack for for a medical checkup before Frank discovered her imposted and saved Jack.

Lola lead her gang in a fight with Martin which resulted in Frank being able to escape with Jack however because sniper targeted them and Lola (who flighting with him) joined them to see the ringleader named Gianni who put an explosive attached to the car and Frank succeed revomed it and escaped with Frank. 

At the end of the film, Lola fight with Martin and she is killed by him.

Trivia Edit

  • Lola's signature automatic handguns are two modified Glock 17's with extended 32-round magazines, suppressors, and laser designators attached.
  • In the special features section on the DVD, the final fight scene between Frank and Lola is shown in an extended version. In it, when Lola is killed and is hanging on the spikes, she has blood running down her lower chest and abdomen in two places. There is also a tight shot that shows it coming out of her mouth. In the final version, there is absolutely no blood anywhere on her torso, and the scene is cut prior to the facial close-up. This was apparently done to keep the graphic violence factor down so the movie could retain its PG-13 rating.