Character information
Full name: Ice
Alias: Ecocorp Mercenary
Affiliation: Jonas Johnson
Status: Deceased - Shot
Behind the scenes
Role: Secondary villain
Portrayed By: Eriq Ebouaney
Film: Transporter 3

Ice is one of Jonas Johnson's main henchmen and the secondary antagonist of 2008 film Transporter 3.

Events in Transporter 3 Edit

When Frank Martin leaves the GPS route and visits his friend Otto to get rid of the explosive bracelet around his wrist, Johnson sends Ice alongside some other henchmen to bring Frank back on the route. Arriving at Otto's workshop, he tells Frank to get back on the course. Frank tries to buy some time by talking while Otto searches for the transmitter in the car.

When Frank does not get back in the car, Ice sends his men to attack him. When Frank defeats almost everyone of them and it is clear that they have lost, the mercenary flees.

In a flashback it is revealed that Ice was the one to kidnap Valentina on Ibiza.

He and his men meet Johnson and trap Frank on a bridge. When Frank sends them Valentina, Johnson tells his men to finish him to which they respond by opening fire. Frank evades them by driving his car off the bridge into the lake underneath.

To stay on the move until the contract is signed, Johnson and his men board a train. Inside the train, Ice and his men force the civilians to get outside, leaving the train for themselves. When Frank boards the train he kills every one of Johnson's men, including the mercenary.