Giant Thug
Character information
Full name: Unknown
Alias: Giant Thug
Nationality: French
Affiliation: Wall Street
Status: Deceased - Shot
Behind the scenes
Role: Henchman
Portrayed By: Jean-Marie Paris
Film: The Transporter

The Giant Thug is one of the henchmen who works for Wall Street.

Events of the Transporter Edit

A driving mercenary named Frank Martin with rules he dares not to cross (such as "don't change the deal", "don't open the package" etc) is hired to deliver a package to Wall Street. The thug will play a small role in the delivery. We first see him when Martin speaks with a henchman about delivery.

A little after, the giant appears with another henchman. It is he who puts a bag (actually Lai Kwai) in the Audi A8 of Martin with the another henchman.

In the sequel, Wall Street and Martin will become enemies and Wall Street sends his henchmen to fight him. Martin follows the truck of Wall Street but he is ejected and soon a fight Wall Street's mens on a bus. Martin mastered all men and locks them into the bus. While running, the giant crashes him, putting him down. The two men exchange a look before starting a new fight. Martin beats almost the giant before other henchmen join the pair while the giant attempt to strangle Martin with his arm. Martin pushes the henchmen and reverses oil to the slide. Then Martin and the giant fall in oil. The giant and the other thugs are unable to fight Martin as the oil is very slippery. The giant is on the ground when the protagonist attack other with pieces of metal that tore off a bike. The giant will meet death when armed guys arrive and open fire for kill Martin. Martin protects itself behind the giant and the guys accidentally shoot down the villain to his death. Martin plunged into the water with the giant corpse while henchmen continue to fire. The villains set fire to water and Martin must take oxygen to the giant to survive.

Trivia Edit