Character information
Full name: Sonovich
Title/rank: Doctor
Affiliation: Gianni Chellini
Status: Unknown
Behind the scenes
Role: Henchman
Portrayed By: George Kapetan
Film: Transporter 2

Dr. Sonovich is a supporting antagonist in Transporter 2. He is a doctor and scientist affiliated to Gianni Chellini who, alongside Dimitri, made the virus intended to be injected to Jack Billings, the child of the politician Jefferson Billings.

Events in Transporter 2 Edit

When Dimitri was contaminated with the virus, he wants to force Sonovich to administer the antidote but is killed by Frank Martin who demands the antidote for the child. Sonovich throws the antidote through the window, which pushes Frank to also throw himself into an attempt to recover them.

Later, Chellini demanded that the antidote be administered to him. It's Sonovich who does it.

We do not really know the status of Sonovich because he doesn't appear during the final fight.