Character information
Full name: Dimitri
Nationality: Russian
Affiliation: Gianni Chellini
Status: Deceased
Behind the scenes
Role: Henchman
Portrayed By: Jason Flemyng
Film: Transporter 2

Dimitri is the tertiary antagonist in Transporter 2. He plays a role in the kidnapping of Jack Billings.

Events in Transporter 2 Edit

Dimitri appears for the first time alongside Tipov, Vasily and Dr. Sonovich when we see the virus for the first time.

Later, with Vasily, he goes to the hospital to kidnap Jack Billings. The pair is led by Lola who assassinates two doctors so that Dimitri and Vasily will pass for them in order to deceive Frank Martin and Jack. The plan fails because Martin confronts them and puts them out of harm's way. Even Lola is unable to let them escape and she kills Vasily while threatening Dimitri.

Later, Dimitri is identified by Inspector Tarconi and Frank Martin arrives in his home to arrest him. Dimitri panics and runs away while trying to shoot down Martin with his revolver. He is trapped by Martin who injects a virus and Dimitri runs to the base to get the antidote. For this, he needs Dr. Sonovich but Tipov refuses to let him see. However, the death of Max by Martin distracts Tipov and Dimitri takes advantage to join Sonovich in his laboratory. He asks for the antidote but he refuses and Dimitri threatens him with his revolver and even goes so far as to hit him in the face and shoot down Tipov. The transporter arrives and reveals that he only injected water. An enraged Dimitri tries to shoot down the transporter who destroys his revolver and stabs him in the throat with its barrel, killing him.