Audrey Billings
Character information
Full name: Audrey Billings
Nationality: American
Status: Alive
Behind the scenes
Role: Ally
Portrayed By: Amber Valletta
Film: Transporter 2

Audrey Billings is the beautiful wife of Jefferson Billings, the wealthy director of the National Drug Control Policy. Like many wives who are married to men who spend more time at work than at home, Audrey is lonely, and she finds herself attracted to Frank Martin, the driver and bodyguard of sorts of the Billings' young son, Jack. Audrey attempts to seduce Frank, but the Transporter has a code of ethics that cannot be broken. After Jack is kidnapped by villains, Frank is framed for the crime, and Audrey at one point is the only one who trusts him as he attempts to clear his name - and get the boy back home safe and sound.