The 1999 BMW 735iL was Frank Martin's first car in The Transporter. The vehicle served as Frank's primary mode of transportation.

Frank first uses the car when he drives some bank robbers away from the police in a high speed chase. After evading the cops. They offer Frank more money to drive them farther from the city but Frank refuses and he keeps his car after the robbers escape in another car. The car was also implicated by Inspector Tarconi as an accessory to the bank robbery though Frank denied that he was involved and all charges against him were dropped. The car is then used to transport a package (no doubt a woman named Lai) to Darren "Wall Street" Bettencourt. But when Frank opens the package revealing Lai the car is spotted by two cops and Frank knocks them both out and ties them up in the trunk.

When Frank transports a briefcase to the next destination the briefcase was revealed to be a bomb which explodes and destroys the BMW and also kills the two policemen but Frank survives because he was not in the car.

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